Our Curriculum

The Learning System

Brain Metrics Assessment

This internally developed executive function assessment is implemented to provide an understanding of each child at the Building Brains Early Learning Centre. Children are observed to determine how their executive function skills are developing, which then guides the programming schedule for each individual child.

Maximized Executive Function

Brains aren’t just born; they are built over time based on meaningful social interactions with caring adults and predictable, safe environments.

Executive function and self-regulation skills act like an air traffic controller—they filter distractions and allow people to focus and concentrate. They provide critical support for learning and development.

There is a sensitive period of development for executive functions between birth and six years. This is the best time to focus on their development!

The basic dimensions of executive function are working memory, inhibitory control, and cognitive flexibility.

Research* indicates that strong executive function contributes to a life-long success, with better health and wellness outcomes.
*Based on research from The Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University


Custom Developed Curriculum

Building Brains offers a customized individual program for every child. The program schedule is continuously being re-assessed and evaluated by the teachers. “The proprietary executive function assessment we implement allows us to design a program and focus our curricular environments to maximize the learning capacity of individual children.”

Executive Function Skills

Executive Functions are the biggest indicator for an individual’s physical, mental and emotional health. The executive functions develop in three main areas: working memory, mental flexibility, and self-control. Children possess these three skills since birth and because the brain is flexible, we have the ability to develop these skills. The most sensitive period to grow these skills is from birth to six years of age, though the executive functions are matured and refined as the child matures from childhood to their teen years and into adulthood.

In today’s times, it is recognized that traditional approaches to student’s learning is not enough to prepare individuals for life-long success. Building Brains recognizes that young children think, learn and process differently, and need strategies that are tailored to their unique personalities and learning needs. By tailoring their educational experiences to build their executive functions, we support their foundation for a creative and thriving future.

Brain Immersion Curriculum

Left Brain Room


The left brain classrooms at Building Brains focus on Maria Montessori’s method of teaching. “Follow the lead of the child” is the guiding principle, and our students are given the independence and freedom to learn at their own pace. Instead of play, children “work” with concrete, hands-on, inviting materials. Through this concentrated exploration, children absorb concepts and develop focus.

Right Brain Room

Reggio Emilia-inspired

Taking inspiration from the Reggio Emilia philosophy of education, children’s interests lead the way! Our Right Brain room focuses on creativity, imagination and the wonder of learning. The programming is child-centered, with teachers and families as co-learners and collaborators. Our care, play and learning environments are intentionally and purposefully designed to communicate what we believe about children—that they are competent, creative and capable individuals.

Movement Room

Physical Literacy

Our internally developed movement curriculum focuses on the development of health and wellness, with a focus on physical literacy. We explore concepts through group games, sports and basic movement skills. There is an emphasis on outdoor exercise and play, and ample opportunities to learn about nutrition as well. We believe that a healthy body supports a healthy mind.