a unique approach

to daycare & preschool.

Teaching our student how to learn, rather than what to learn

Building Executive Function Skills

Our curriculum focuses on building executive functioning skills in our students. These skills are a set of mental processes that work like an air traffic control system in the child’s brain, enabling them to plan, focus attention, remember instructions and more. This “brain traffic control” is foundational to learning and is built in our classrooms through daily activities.

Building Brains Framework

With learner-centred and inquiry-based approaches, the foundation of brain development and Executive Function is the basis for all of our early childhood learning and care programs.

Our System of Learning

We use the Maria Montessori method for teaching and learning in this environment, where children develop their focus and concentration. Through the use of hands-on materials, children absorb concrete concepts, leading to the understanding of abstract theories

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind! Our Movement room gives children the opportunity to exercise and develop life-long healthy habits while learning about physical literacy.

Drawing inspiration from the Reggio-Emilia philosophy, the Right Brain classrooms focus on the environment as the 3rd teacher. Student’s interests guide the learning and shape the classroom through projects, art exploration, and by the idea that every child is a mighty learner!

Our Programs

Junior Preschool Campus

0 – 3 years of age

Preschool Campus

3 – 6 years of age

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Building Brains was inspired by the directors of Kids U to offer quality early learning in Saskatchewan. Visit the Kids U website to learn more about the concept and curriculum.